Shaquille O’Neal has teamed up with the Boys & Girls Club of America for a sweepstakes opportunity for one lucky fan to play HORSE.

Shaquille O’Neal is Raising Funds for Boys & Girls Club of America on the IfOnly Sweepstakes Platform The sweepstakes winner will have the chance to shoot hoops with Shaquille O’Neal SAN FRANCISCO – Shaquille O’Neal has teamed up with the Boys & Girls Club of America for a sweepstakes opportunity for one lucky fan to play HORSE. The sweepstakes gives you the chance to kick it with Shaq, playing an epic game of one-on-one at his favorite place to play, The Boys & Girls Club of America. Entry is limited to the U.S. only and closes on October 29 th , 2019. The winner and a friend will receive: ● One-on-one game with Shaquille O’Neal at the Boys & Girls Club in Atlanta, GA. ● Enjoy a Papa John’s Pizza with Shaquille O’Neal ● Photo with Shaquille O’Neal ● Set visit to NBA on TNT ● Roundtrip flight and hotel for 2 people Boys & Girls Club of America is committed to enabling all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. “The Boys & Girls Club was instrumental in my development as a youth growing up in the inner city. Being able to support and give back to an organization that meant so much to me is a wonderful feeling,” said Shaq. “We are excited that Boys & Girls Club alum, Shaquille O’Neal continues to give back through his philanthropic efforts to youth all across the country,” said Frank Sanchez, Vice President of Marketing at Boys & Girls Club of America. “I’m also excited to partner with IfOnly to offer this unique opportunity to see and meet a basketball legend.” “We are thrilled to be working with Boys & Girls Club to bring this unique experience with basketball legend, Shaquille O’Neal. This experience will resonate with basketball fans far and wide,” said John Boris, CEO of IfOnly. “Fans of Shaq will have an incredible opportunity to meet him in person while supporting Boys & Girls Club of America.” About Boys & Girls Club of America For more than 150 years, Boys & Girls Clubs of America ( has enabled young people most in need to achieve great futures as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Today, more than 4,600 Clubs serve over 4.7 million young people through Club membership and community outreach. Clubs are located in cities, towns, public housing and on Native lands throughout the country, and serve military families in BGCA-affiliated Youth Centers on U.S. military installations worldwide. They provide a safe place, caring adult mentors, fun and friendship, and high-impact youth development programs on a daily basis during critical non-school hours. Club programs promote academic success, good character and citizenship, and healthy lifestyles. In a Harris Survey of alumni, 54 percent said the Club saved their lives. National headquarters are located in Atlanta. Learn more at
Page 2 of 2About IfOnly IfOnly is the world’s premier consumer and B2B marketplace of extraordinary, once- in-a-lifetime experiences. From top celebrity talent to local luminary artisans, chefs, guides, and experts, IfOnly offers access to the greatest experiences for the greater good—raising millions of dollars for over 200 charitable organizations. We also leverage our proprietary technology and unique content to provide turnkey corporate solutions—including experience platforms, content, gifting, speakers, and events—for leading global brands like Mastercard, Amex, Dell, Salesforce, and many others. IfOnly was founded in 2012 and is Series D start-up which has raised $40 million to date. Our investors include NEA, Khosla Ventures, American Express, Mastercard, Hyatt, Sotheby’s, Condé Nast, and Founders Fund. You can visit our US site at #ShaquilleOneal#Boys&Girlsclub#Daintybutterflies8


October is Liver Awareness Month: A COTA Family is Celebrating Their Toddler’s Now Healthy Liver and Their Donor Family’s Selfless Decision

October 1, 2019 October is Liver Awareness Month, which is the month touted by the American Liver Foundation to raise public awareness of the importance of liver health. More than 30 million Americans have some form of liver disease. This October an Alabama transplant family is thrilled to be celebrating their son’s now healthy liver and his second chance at life.
Brigitte and Adam Ganucheau of Mobile, Alabama, who were parents of three boys, were excited to find out they were pregnant with their fourth child. Brigitte shares this memory, “Now when we tell others we have four sons including a set of twins, sometimes we hear, ‘Well after twins, I bet having another boy was easy!’ Then we tell Peter’s story.”
Peter Ganucheau was born in July 2016. The pregnancy and birth had no major issues. Brigitte and Adam were thrilled to bring him home and start their new life as a family of six. They did notice, however, that Peter was a little jaundiced but they thought it would clear up with some sunshine. At Peter’s two-month checkup the family’s pediatrician was concerned about his jaundice and distended stomach so she sent them to the University of South Alabama Children and Women’s Hospital for blood work. After multiple days of testing to rule out a number of possible causes for the jaundice and distended stomach, Peter was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia. Once his condition had a name, the situation became very real and frightening for this family. Biliary Atresia (BA) is a rare liver disease that impacts one in every 12,000 children. Children are born with this disease and doctors do not know, as of yet, what causes it to occur. In September 2016 Peter underwent the Kasai procedure, which is sometimes a ‘surgical fix’ for BA babies and a way to postpone a liver transplant. According to Brigitte, “Even though at first we were encouraged that our baby’s jaundice was slowly clearing up, it became apparent the surgery was not as successful as hoped. The reality was that a liver transplant was our only hope to save Peter’s life … and he would need a new liver very soon.”
In December 2016, Peter and Brigitte travelled nearly 550 miles to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, which is a pediatric transplant center recommended by their pediatrician and approved by their insurance company. Dad and Ganucheau boys John Paul, Luke and Kolbe remained at home in Mobile. The top-notch pediatric team at Egleston performed numerous tests on the baby. After his initial evaluation was completed, Peter and Brigitte were able to return to Mobile to celebrate Christmas together; they felt truly blessed that Peter’s first Christmas was celebrated in their home with their family of six around the tree. Their time together was short lived when just a few days after Christmas Brigitte and Peter travelled to Atlanta for further testing. During his post-Christmas clinic visits it was determined the baby was too sick to return home and would need to stay in Atlanta until a new liver could be found.
Peter was officially listed for a new liver at the end of December 2016. It was decided Brigitte would remain in Atlanta while Adam and Peter’s brothers would stay at home in Mobile. Brigitte said, “It was a challenging time for our family and our marriage.” During these days, Brigitte journaled and shared the following with their friends and family, “The doctor has told us Peter is listed and eligible to receive a partial or whole liver. We are simply waiting for a match. Transplant can truly happen at any time. The surgery itself could take up to 10 hours and we are praying a match will present itself soon.”

The family relied on Face Time and text messaging to stay in touch, but Brigitte desperately wanted to be home in Mobile and to be ‘Mom’ to their four boys. Adam’s work in ministry was in a very busy time during January and February so he was struggling to keep his work, their home and the boys’ lives held together. With the help of supportive friends and family, Adam was able to make short visits to Atlanta.
It quickly became apparent to Adam and Brigitte that transplant-related expenses were going to be staggering, including the family’s travel expenses, Atlanta lodging and living expenses and Peter’s inpatient stay with no real idea of when a new liver would be available. A transplant social worker at Egleston suggested Brigitte reach out to the Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA) to learn more about fundraising for transplant-related expenses. Brigitte called COTA’s 800 number on January 3, 2017, and the next day returned the agreement to COTA’s Indiana headquarters, which meant the Ganucheau family was officially part of the COTA Family.
COTA uniquely understands that parents who care for a child or young adult before, during and after a life-saving transplant have enough to deal with, so COTA’s model shifts the responsibility for fundraising to a community team of trained volunteers. On January 16, 2017, a COTA fundraising specialist trained the volunteers for the COTA campaign in honor of Team Peter G. COTA is a 501(c)3 charity so contributions to COTA are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law, and COTA funds are available for a lifetime of transplant-related expenses. This group of family members and friends, quickly got to work organizing fundraisers to help with mounting transplant-related expenses.

“Once the COTA fundraising began the overwhelming outpouring of support provided our family so much hope,” Brigitte said. “So many people hundreds of miles away back home were making gifts to COTA and were attending fundraising events. It was truly difficult to not have hope once we learned how many people cared about Peter and about our entire family.”

Brigitte regularly journaled throughout January to share Peter updates with the many friends and family members who were hours away and wanted to read about Peter and Brigitte’s days in Atlanta. On January 12th Brigitte wrote, “Peter is becoming increasingly more uncomfortable every day … his breathing is more labored and he is not his usual happy self. His stomach is extremely distended because his liver and spleen are extremely swollen. Our little boy has been such a fighter. We hope the right liver makes its way to us soon.”

On January 16th she wrote, “Adam is on his way back to Mobile. Peter and I were very sad to see him go, but we had a great weekend together. Thank you again for all the prayers and for anyone who has made a donation to COTA in Peter’s honor … we are beyond blessed to have the love and support of so many people.”

On January 21st, “Doctors have come by today and still no liver. Today is going to be a dreary day. It has started thundering and lightning here so we do not have our walk outside to look forward to. No good news. No bad news. Just blah.”

Just when it seemed like Peter would be on the liver waiting list forever and their family would be separated by hundreds of miles, Brigitte got The Call that a new liver was available for Peter. Arrangements were made for Adam to fly to Atlanta so he could be with Brigitte throughout the transplant surgery. On February 2, 2017, Peter received a whole organ that immediately began working correctly. His jaundice vanished overnight and he started on the road to recovery from liver disease. Peter remained in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Egleston for a few days and was then moved to the transplant floor. Eventually he and Brigitte were relocated to the Ronald McDonald House so they were close for blood work, tests and checkups.

In late February, coinciding with a school break for Mardi Gras, Adam and Peter’s brothers traveled to Atlanta and the family of six was together for the first time since Christmas. Brigitte was ecstatic. This visit was exactly what the doctor ordered. Adam and the boys returned home to Mobile, and Brigitte and Peter followed just a few days later. Once home Brigitte and Peter have periodically returned to Atlanta for clinic visits. After more time had passed Peter’s blood work was drawn in Mobile and shared with the Atlanta team to keep some of the travel to a minimum. Brigitte recalls these days with gratitude. She wrote, “We knew we were not out of the woods yet. Every little ear infection or fever can be a cause for concern. With a compromised immune system, Peter is more susceptible to other illnesses and allergies. However, after the long journeys we have travelled … we are confident we can handle things like a dairy allergy or a double ear infection.”

One year post transplant, Adam looked back and journaled on COTA’s Team Peter G website. “This year has certainly had some ups and downs. To celebrate finally coming home, to be present at family functions, to even just see him on his first birthday … but the nervousness of any little virus or infection, to navigating the maze of medical care and medicines, even this week going to the Emergency Room for a high fever. Life with a toddler who has a major medical issue and a compromised immune system is anything but boring. There are times when I am amazed we even did it at all with Brigitte in Atlanta and me with the boys in Mobile. Thank you to everyone who prayed, sent well wishes and supported COTA in Peter’s honor over the past year. We are so grateful. We are appreciative to be a COTA family. There is so much anxiety when it comes to your child needing a life-saving transplant. The financial peace of mind COTA provides is such a blessing. Right now Peter can only say a few words like ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ and ‘cookie,’ but if he had a more extensive vocabulary I am sure he would join us in thanking everyone and celebrating just how far we have come in just one year!

Today, three-year-old Peter is terrific. His liver seems to be doing very well. Barring any unforeseen illness or hospitalizations, Brigitte and Adam are happy to report they do not need to return to Atlanta for a whole year. Peter’s lab draws are down to every three months. He is doing very well developmentally — talking a lot more and working on potty training. Peter continues to grow and has become a very active little boy who loves playing outside with his brothers.

According to Brigitte and Peter, “Peter remains a bright light in our lives … he is full of smiles and always able to provide a laugh for our family. We are simply not sure how we would have gotten to this place without being part of the COTA Family.”

“The Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA) gave our family hope by helping us handle the immense financial burden that comes with a life-saving transplant. Even with health insurance, we were receiving more and more medical bills each day. Our transplant social worker referred us to COTA and with their support and guidance, and through generous financial contributions from friends and family, we have been able to cover all of the transplant-related costs associated with Peter’s diagnosis and liver transplant. Without COTA, Peter’s transplant, his recovery and our ability to support the rest of our family would have been nearly impossible. The peace of mind COTA provides is truly invaluable and lasts … for a lifetime,” they said.

For more information about the Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA),

or to find a COTA family in your area, please email

Peter Ganucheau big eyes.jpg

COTA Kid Peter Ganucheau
Liver Transplant Recipient



Hello – Earlier this evening on Thursday, March 14, MCM celebrated the anticipated opening of their Global Flagship location on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA with an exclusive red carpet VIP reception.

Attendees included LL Cool J (Musician), Chloe X Halle (Musicians), Billie Eilish (Musician),Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton RothschildEstelle (Musician), Bella Thorne (Actress, Famous in Love), Quincy Brown (Musician), Dani Song (Influencer), Don Benjamin (Model),EJ Johnson (TV Personality), Cordell Broadus (Model/MCM Ambassador), Hayley Law(Actress, Riverdale), Gigi Gorgeous (Influencer), Ross Butler (Actor, 13 Reasons Why), Anne Winters (Actress, 13 Reasons Why), Jake T. Austin (Actor, The Emoji Movie), Bella Harris(Model), Erika Jayne (TV Personality, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), Brandon Michael Hall (Actor, God Friended Me), Landry Shamet (Athlete, LA Clippers), Rolf  Feltscher (Athlete, LA Galaxy), Marcedes Lewis (Athlete, Green Bay Packers), Shaun Ross(Model), Mally Mal (Musician), Super Duper Kyle (Musician), Terrence J (Actor, Hit The Floor), Young Paris (Musician) and many more.

Upon entering the Flagship, guests were welcomed by Pepper, a MCM-branded interactive robot capable of greeting guests with a fist-bump and answering questions about the brand and event, which featured futuristic art installations and activations including an embossing station for MCM custom branded leather goods. Additionally, attendees enjoyed signature cocktails, bites from a custom menu curated by Chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, and beats by DJ Trauma.

Below please find links to download high-res images from the red carpet and event:

EVENT TITLE: MCM Global Flagship on Rodeo Drive Grand Opening

  • Photos: (Photo Credit: Getty Images for MCM)
    • Additional images available on

If you have any questions, or would like additional information/photos, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Many thanks for considering coverage of this event!

About MCM (Modern Creation München)
MCM is a luxury lifestyle goods and accessories brand founded in 1976 with an attitude defined by the cultural Zeitgeist and its German heritage with a focus on functional innovation, including the use of cutting edge techniques. Today, through its association with music, art, travel and technology, MCM embodies the bold, rebellious and aspirational. Always with an eye on the disruptive, the driving force behind MCM centers on revolutionizing classic design with futuristic materials. Appealing to the 21st Century Global Nomad generation – dreamers, creatives and digital natives – MCM’s millennial and Gen Z audience is genderless, ageless, empowered and unconstrained by rules and boundaries.

MCM is currently distributed in 650 stores in 40 countries including Munich, Berlin, Zurich, London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Middle East and other countries. For further information about MCM:


On February 23rd,  hundreds of women in the Los Angeles area will wait patiently for the opportunity to strut their stuff and complete in Ashley Stewart, the leading lifestyle and social commerce brand empowering women globally, ‘Finding Ashley Stewart 2019,’ a national search for the brand’s next ambassador. The event will be held at the Ashley Stewart store in Inglewood, and will be the first stop that the tour will make across the country before its grand finale event in New York City on September 14th. The event will include an audition process, in-store Sip & Shop, fashion show and more.
Two regional winners will be selected at the end of the LA event and entered for a chance to be flown to New York City for the contest’s Finale where they will compete for the grand prize and title of Ashley Stewart 2019.
The award will ultimately be given to a woman who distinctively embodies and exudes the confidence, strength and fierceness that has become synonymous with the Ashley Stewart name. In addition to the coveted title, the winner will also receive $10,000, a new Ashley Stewart wardrobe, and features in AshleyTV segments and photoshoots for a year.
What:   Finding Ashley Stewart 2019 Los Angeles
Where: Ashley Stewart
             3501 W Century Blvd
             Inglewood, CA 90303
When: Saturday, February 23, 2019
2PM-5PM – Finding Ashley Stewart 2019 Round OneHundreds of registered women will line up for the fashion show casting. Ultimately, two finalists will be selected from the fashion show participants for the chance to compete in the NYC finale event.
Tiffany Flamer, Ashley Stewart 2018 winner and Tamara Ivey, AshleyTV Host and Fashion Expert will both be available for interviews during both days of the event, as well as additional spokespersons***





Celebrities pour into Roy Choi’s first Las Vegas restaurant on Park MGM’s grand opening night 


LAS VEGAS (December 29, 2018) – The biggest names in entertainment feasted at Best Friend, Roy Choi’s first Las Vegas restaurant, on Friday, Dec. 28 during Park MGM’s official grand opening.


Choi prepared his signature flavors for guests, which included pop superstar Katy Perry, DJ singer-songwriter Samantha Ronson, rapper and actor YG, actress Regina King, Academy Award-winner Marisa Tomei, and actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson, dining at Best Friend before-and-after the Lady Gaga Enigma show debut at Park Theater.


Click here to download the above photos


Perry was seated in the heart of the main dining room with friends and experienced several unique dishes Choi has created to celebrate the various cultures of his LA neighborhood. Highlights from Perry’s meal included the sizzling Spicy Pork marinated in a sweet and spicy kochujang sauce, the Tamarind Cod Hot Pot – a large-format Korean stew with vermicelli noodles, and the tantalizingly crispy and creamy Slippery Shrimp.


Following the official afterparty at Park MGM’s modern speakeasy and club concept – On The Record – Tomei, King, and YG visited Best Friend for late-night meals to cap off an electric evening.


Media Contacts:

Robert Flicker




Park MGM and NoMad Las Vegas are the newest luxury destinations on the Las Vegas Strip, offering an intimate resort experience on a grand scale. A partnership between MGM Resorts International and New York-based Sydell Group, Park MGM features 2,700 guest rooms and suites; and the Las Vegas extension of Sydell’s NoMad features 293 well-appointed guest rooms and suites. The resort’s remarkable culinary program features NoMad Restaurant and NoMad Bar from Will Guidara and Daniel Humm; L.A. legend Roy Choi’s Korean BBQ concept, Best Friend; Hogsalt Hospitality’s renowned Bavette’s Steakhouse; and the 40,000-square-foot vibrant Italian marketplace, Eataly, among other dining and cocktail experiences. Park Theater, the resort’s entertainment destination, is a 5,200-seat venue home to special engagements by Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Britney Spears and other top entertainers. Park MGM is also home to the unique nightlife concept from LA-based Houston Hospitality, On The Record. Park MGM and NoMad Las Vegas are located in the heart of The Strip, next to the entertainment and dining neighborhood created by The Park and the 20,000-seat T-Mobile Arena. Park MGM is owned by MGM Resorts International (NYSE: MGM). For more information and reservations, visit, call toll-free at 888-529-4828 or follow on Facebook or  Twitter.


FAMILY NEWS: Call for entries announced for Family Rosary’s 2019 “Try Prayer! It Works!” Contest



National Competition Encourages Children

to Express Faith through Art, Poetry, Prose and Video


Family Rosary is asking students to submit entries for the 2019 “Try Prayer! It Works!” Contest. This national competition encourages children to participate in an inspiring faith experience by expressing their beliefs through art, poetry, prose and a new category this year: video. The competition is open to students in Grades K-12 enrolled in Catholic schools, religious education programs, parishes and other organizations, including home schooling. The attached press release includes details of this announcement. Please include in any upcoming coverage of Family News. For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Susan Wallace of Holy Cross Family Ministries at 508-238-4095, ext. 2050, or Thanks!

The following text is included in the attached document:


EASTON, Mass. – The call for entries has gone out! It’s time to start coloring, writing, rhyming and videotaping for the “Try Prayer! It Works!” Contest. Deadline for the national competition is Feb. 20, 2019.

Sponsored by Family Rosary, the 2019 “Try Prayer! It Works!” Contest encourages children to participate in an inspiring faith experience by expressing their beliefs through art, poetry, prose and a new category this year: video. The competition is open to students in Grades K-12 enrolled in a Catholic school, religious education program, parish or other organization, including home school.

This year’s theme “Mary, Mother of the Church” helps families explore how Mary is the Mother of Jesus and  Mother to us all. Our Blessed Mother’s important role in the Church flows from her deep connection with her Son and from Him to us.

“Mary is the mother of the world,” said Father Willy Raymond, C.S.C., President. “She teaches us to love at all times and always to want the best for the people around us. Mary cares for each of us and will be by our side whenever we’re in need. She became the perfect model of love when she says ‘yes’ to God to be the mother of Jesus.”

The “Try Prayer! It Works!” Contest focuses on family faith enrichment in the home. The goal is to bring the Church’s teachings to life around the dinner table with discussion prompts, reflection question, prayer ideas and creativity.

The first place winner in each category receives $100 while the sponsor of each winner also receives $100. The “Try Prayer! It Works!” Contest asks entrants to creatively depict their faith through art, poetry, prose and video. Students in grades K-12 enrolled in a Catholic school, religious education program, parish, home school or other organization are eligible to participate.

For details or to download an application, go to All entries are due by Feb. 20, 2019. Questions? Call Family Rosary at 800-299-PRAY (7729).

Family Rosary was founded in 1942 by Venerable Patrick Peyton, also known as the “Rosary Priest,” to help families pray together. Father Peyton, and the ministry, are known by two powerful and memorable sayings: “The Family That Prays Together Stays Together” and “A World at Prayer is a World at Peace.” Father Peyton was one of the most influential American Catholic priests of the 20th century, using the entertainment industry to further his mission of family Rosary prayer in honor of Mary and her son Jesus.

In the spirit of its founder Venerable Patrick Peyton, Holy Cross Family Ministries is a family of Catholic ministries that inspires, promotes and fosters the prayer life and spiritual well-being of families throughout the world. Family Rosary, a member ministry, helps families pray, especially the Rosary. For more information, call 800-299-PRAY (7729) or visit

Holy Cross Family Ministries is sponsored by the Congregation of Holy




Hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

After preparing that Wonderful meal for the family and friends. I’m sure that we can all agree that , the worst part of Thanksgiving is the clean up after Thanksgiving dinner. For starters-You should have already prepared to clean the house from top to bottom. Here are some tips that will help get your house back on track:

For the Refrigerator
Clean the condenser coils. They’re usually located on the bottom, back, or top of the refrigerator. Unplug the fridge, then use a coil brush to remove dust and dirt. . Now we move to the inside of the refrigerator /freezer and toss out anything that has expired. Place dirty food containers into the sink to soak.  Now we are making room for the Thanksgiving Leftovers. Working from top to bottom, wipe down the shelves with a paper towel spritzed with Mean Green Super Strength cleanser. You will want to use undiluted vinegar or a mild soap to clean the ice dispenser.

To clean the stove top, Again we are using Mean Green Super Strength Cleanser , let that sit for a few minutes. Then wipe the stovetop with a clean, dry cloth and, again, just let crumbs fall to the floor. It’s more productive to get them once your done. When you’re finished, get a clean cloth  to keep grease from transferring elsewhere  Spray  with Mean Green Super Strength Cleaner & Degreaser  let sit for 3 minutes. Then wipe down. When three minutes have passed-Wipe the solution from the inside using a dry cloth.

Spray the microwave interior with Mean Green Cleanser and let sit for three minutes. With a damp, soapy cloth, wipe down the exterior For hard to remove  foods, heat one cup of water on full power for three minutes. The heat and steam help to soften the food. Let it stand for five minutes then wipe it clean. Use a soapy sponge pad for stainless steel microwave interiors.

Clean the upper cabinets and walls, Spray the microwave interior with all-purpose cleaner and  I recommend what has become a staple in my home. Mean Green Super Strength Cleaner.

clean the sides of the dishwasher door, stovetop, and counter tops and I recommend using Mean Green Super strength Cleaner & degreaser. to clean the lowercabinets and drawers with a damp, soapy cloth.

Drain the sink and rinse with hot water. Empty the trash,swiping the inside of the can and the interior of the top with a cleaning wipe before replacing the bag.Sweep the floor and don’t forget to Spray the shower head and walls with Mean Green Mildew Destroyer.20180324_221504_hdr.jpg


Last but not least enjoy the moment…. You Slayed that Thanksgiving Meal. They ate they enjoyed, and your house is Clean.


Diamond Platnumz Flair Bartends in New Belaire Video! As Premiered with GQ South Africa

Watch Diamond Platnumz Flair Bartend!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Burgundy, France (October 2, 2018) – Smash-hit wine brand Luc Belaire has released a new video starring music sensation Diamond Platnumz, who has also offered fans a Belaire cocktail recipe of his own making.

The video follows Diamond as he enters a club, greeting the barman before proceeding to take the bartending into his own hands. Diamond juggles bottles of Belaire Rosé and Belaire Luxe, throwing a Luxe bottle so high into the air that he has time to dance, flirt and check his Rolex while waiting for the bottle to reappear! He pours glasses for the gathering crowd and joins the dance floor. Diamond wears a Belaire cap and limited edition varsity jacket, which he co-designed with Belaire, updating the brand’s signature design to include African inspired patterned sleeves, embroidery and patches.

The unique video is a creative collaboration between Diamond and Belaire, fusing the artist’s love of cocktails with his natural flair for performance. And whilst the tricks themselves may be aided by a professional, Diamond is keen to use some of the moves he learned on-set at his next night out! The hitmaker has also created a special cocktail recipe for use with either of his favourite Belaire bottles, Belaire Luxe and Belaire Luxe Rosé.

Diamond Platnumz says “I’m drawn to the creativity of cocktails and I’ve always had a natural flair for performance. I picked up a few tips from the professional we worked with and I’m definitely going to try out some moves the next time I’m partying. My go-to bottles are Belaire Luxe and Belaire Luxe Rosé. I like a sweet, fragrant cocktail with that extra touch of luxury that Belaire adds.”

French Diamond

– 100ml lychee juice
– ½ tbsp agave syrup or clear honey
– 2 teaspoon lemon juice
– 2 drops of rose water, to taste
– 200ml chilled Belaire Luxe or Belaire Luxe Rosé

Step by step
– Pour the lychee juice and the agave syrup into a cocktail shaker with a few ice cubes.
– Add 2 drops of rose water and 2 teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice.
– Shake vigorously and taste (Diamond’s tip: you may need to add a few more drops of rose water but don’t overdo it).
– Strain into 2 coup glasses, top up with Belaire Luxe or Belaire Luxe Rosé and use a long spoon to gently mix.
– Garnish with rose petals and lychee slices.

Diamond’s latest collaboration with Belaire follows an in-depth interview for the brand’s Self Made Tastes Better campaign, which saw him share his journey to becoming East Africa’s biggest star and a global music sensation. He has since worked with hip hop mogul and Belaire supporter Rick Ross on the tune “Waka,” which trended on Youtube, and became a summer anthem.

Click HERE to watch Diamond Platnumz flair bartending
Click HERE to download press images and cocktail image

For more information fans are encouraged to visit and join the conversation by following @OfficialBelaire and tagging #Belaire on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

About Luc Belaire
Luc Belaire is a premium brand produced in France – the hallmark of quality in the world of fine wines. Our 5th and 6th generation father-and-son winemakers oversee production of each bottle of Belaire at their maison in Montagny-les-Beaune, established in 1898. The line includes Belaire Gold, made in Burgundy from a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir along with a cane sugar dosage, alongside Belaire’s top-selling cuvée Belaire Rosé, a unique sparkling Rosé wine from the south of France crafted from a blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah grapes – the three favorite Rosé grapes of the region – and Belaire Luxe, an elegant ‘blanc de blancs’ made exclusively from Chardonnay with a special dosage made from prized Chablis grapes in Burgundy.  The newest addition to the range is Belaire Luxe Rosé, made at Belaire’s estate in Provence from a classic blend of rosé varietals and a unique addition of oak-aged Syrah.  Finally, Belaire’s Fantôme (French for phantom) range houses each of its cuvées in a luminescent bottle which lights up at the touch of the button.

About Sovereign Brands
Sovereign Brands is a family-owned, international wine & spirits company headquartered in New York. The company is owned and operated by the Berish family and partners with first-class producers from the world’s most iconic wine and spirit regions to develop superior brands. Sovereign has a portfolio of successful brands including Luc Belaire, a smash-hit line of French sparkling wines, which has earned global acclaim for its exquisite taste and striking packages, and is available in more than 100 countries around the world. The company’s portfolio also includes Bumbu, a craft rum brand from Barbados that ranks among the world’s most critically acclaimed rums, Cloud Chaser, a classic French Côtes de Provence Rosé, and Skeleton Vineyards, a range of accessible wines from Argentina and Austria.

For press assets or more information on market availability and pricing, please contact:
Europe, Asia, Africa & UAE
Sophie Lawrence
PR Manager
Tel: +44(0)77-3444-4134

Mean Green Super Strength Cleaner & Degreaser

I recommend the Mean Green Super Strength Cleaner & Degreaser, to remove grease from kitchen Looking for something different to clean the kitchen .  Mean Degreaser Super Strength Cleaner & Degreaser  is a sure way to get rid of dirty and disgusting surfaces to leave your kitchen fresh and clean  .

This products will cut all grease and make surfaces in the kitchen sparkling clean.  Mean Green has several specialty cleaners for counter tops, cabinets, wood and granite.

There are some grease removers in the market that can only work on one or two surfaces at most. Mean Degreaser Super Strength Cleaner & Degreaser is a sure way to ensures that every surface in your home is left clean,   the oven hood, shelves, glass surfaces and the burners. Mean Degreaser Super Strength Cleaner & Degreaser  can also be used to degrease surfaces such as barbecue grills, boilers, stainless steel surfaces, and oven doors. Use Mean Degreaser Super Strength Cleaner & Degreaser to eliminate grease and other sticky substances from your kitchen surfaces.

We all know that Cooking can be a messy job, and as hard as you may try to get rid of greasy surfaces, they will always be there as a result of cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner with all food products. Grease stains are the toughest stains to remain on your surfaces. A sure way to remove grease stains from the surfaces is to use warm water and soap when cleaning




ace Forward¹s ³La Dolce Vita² Themed Gala will be Held at The Beverly Wilshire Hotel on September 22nd  Setting Million Dollar Goal


WHO:             NE-YO, Sara Gilbert, Caitlyn Jenner, Jeremy Piven, Lana Parrilla, Jay McGraw, Christopher Bollenbach, Christine Devine, Founder of Face Forward Deborah Alessi, Co-founder Dr. David Alessi, multiple international survivors and many moreŠ

WHAT:           Face Forward¹s ³La Dolce Vita² themed gala to celebrate 10 year anniversary of helping survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking. Held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, the night includes an exciting performance by Grammy award winning singer NE-YO, host Jeremy Piven, world class food, and a live and silent auction with priceless packages. Returning sponsors include: Etihad Airways, Niyama Private Islands Maldives, Alessi Institute, Crystal Cruises, Micato Safaris, Roberto Cavalli, Mont Blac Executive Car Service, Alyse Parfume, and Kandima Maldives. Face Forward is also excited to announce new sponsors Ardor Designs, Adva-Net, Bottega Louie and Beverly Hills IV Therapy. The live auction will include vacation packages from Niyama Private Islands Maldives, Crystal Cruises, Micato Safaris and Etihad Airways.

WHEN:           Saturday, September 22, 2018