Gourmet foodies and homeowners need appliances that fit their common/luxury lifestyle.

If you’re like me and believe that kitchens are
a place to entertain, and create.

I had the pleasure to attend a Wolf Gourmet’s Live Cooking Demonstration , with Chef Molly Kruger at the Costa Mesa Showroom. Where we were treated to a live cooking demonstration and tasting with Chef Molly Kruger , in a one of the inspired professional kitchens. The appetizing dish was prepared with great care and attention to detail. The presentation and the taste were perfect.” Chef Molly also made an amazing healing tea, that was great tasting.

Chef-inspired ranges with professional design and features.

Luxury kitchen design that makes a statement

Wolf, SubZero, Cove showroom offers both of our basic needs , with the luxury of an exclusive master kitchen suited to your lifestyle. The showroom has a broad range of designer refrigeration, cooking, and dishwashing appliances. That can be customized with different control elements, functions and finishes. 

Modern kitchen ideas with high-end design

As the most prized room in your home, your kitchen deserves to be noticed. Sub Zero, Wolf , Cove has the inspiration to help you create your dream kitchen.


Sub -Zero incorporate style, sophistication, and cutting-edge technology throughout its entire line of elegant refrigerators.

“Sub-Zero Freezer Company introducing the first system for preserving food at ultra-low temperatures—literally (hence) sub-zero, in 1945.Sub-Zero continues to refine and invent ways to preserve your food’s freshness and reduce waste. Sub-Zero refrigerators come with an air purification system (based on technology developed by NASA) that scrubs the air of ethylene and odor every 20 minutes.” 


Wolf cooking appliances partner beautifully with cooling and cleaning solutions with your choice of silver stainless steel, graphite stainless steel or panel ready to perfectly compliment your modern luxury kitchen.

“Wolf cooking appliances, bringing professional temperature control into the hands of home cooks with an impressive fifty-product launch. Refined by more than eight decades of commercial kitchen experience.”


Cove dishwashers feature elegant design that can be customized to consolidate immaculately with your unique kitchen style, with performance and durability are what make these dishwashers ultimately shine.

“Cove dishwashing, the culmination of decades of research, testing, and technology to ensure sparkling clean and dry dishes with every wash”.

Between the Inspiration , that you will get by visiting the Sub-Zero/Wolf showroom and the creativity of incorporating elegant glamour into a functional design.

Design A Kitchen that you’ll want to spend most of your time in. Appliances To Match Your Style- ranging from Contemporary, Transitional, & Professional.

Explore the options for luxury kitchen design, and prepare to create a best-in-class kitchen in your own home. If you love cooking it’s important to aim for a kitchen that delivers on multi-functional and good organization.

Whether you’re doing a whole-kitchen remodel or making savvy moves to refresh the space, .Make cooking, dining, and entertaining easy with a kitchen that’s filled with style and appliances that fit your family’s needs. Sub-Zero/Wolf Showroom will inspire you to start planning a kitchen renovation of your own.

After visiting the showroom and attending Chef Molly Kruger Live Wolf Gourmet Cooking Demonstration. I am inspired to first replicate the recipes that she Blessed us with.I’m also looking forward to creating my very own efficient and elegant , fully functioning kitchen.

Glam Range Hoods

A custom range hood offers a beautiful touch for your unique design .

Cooking appliances can be paired beautifully with cooling and cleaning solutions with your choice of silver stainless steel, graphite stainless steel or panel ready to perfectly compliment your modern luxury kitchen.

Gorgeous designer light fixtures, especially when hung in multiples, give visual impact to your kitchen.

Delicious food & inspired tea. Made by Chef Molly Kruger

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