The 4Dx Movie theatre experience

The new Peter Rabbit movie  makes me out to be the coolest mom today ! My son and I were treated to watch the Peter Rabbit movie in 4dx theater and it was a total blast! While watching the movie we felt the win in the bunnies faces along with them during movements as they ran around the property and sprays of Miss when they all got wet! Move constantly throughout the movie and actually reminded me of a theme park ride, the movements are that precise because 4Dx motion chairs are equipped with three base movements of  up /down roll move left and right and Pitch tilt forward and back which mimics on screen actions such as flying and driving. Additionally they also have scene effects such as rain vibration and back  leg Ziggler’s to maximize the feeling of Emergency. The movements can be jolting at and if there were a more active movie the state movies may have been more dramatic and I might have his have set down on the stairs but then again I do not go on roller coaster rides Star Wars the Force awakens, Fast and Furious 7, and Batman versus Superman. Im looking forward to watching more movies in 4Dx. This is an excellent way to provide entertainment for anyone . A movie being shown in 4Dx -This is no ordinary movie! No more falling asleep or nust watching a movie, 4Dx gives you a chance to be a part of the movie . Peter Rabbit was terrific fun and the role of Peter Rabbit was perfect for James Corden and everyone else was excellent we thoroughly enjoyed the whole movie experience!


There are 10 4Dx locations in the US currently with more openening this year, and 475 worldwide region Union Square Stadium 14 New York Regal e-walk Stadium 13 & RPX New York, Regal LA Live Barco Innovation Center Los Angeles, Regal Pointe Orlando Stadium 20 & IMAX Orlando, Regal Meridian 16 Seattle, Regal Gallery Place 14 Washington DC, Marcus Gurnee Mills Cinema Chicago dma, CGV Buena Park Orange County California, Cinepolis Rico Cinepolis Pico Rivera Los Angeles area, Cinepolis Vista San Diego area keep an eye out for the new for the X openings in your area exclamation for more information check out www. CJ or DX. Com

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