Dazi Ties


If your like me, a woman who love’s to see my guys dressed to impress then I’m sure you like to see a nice suit complimented with a nice tie. So quite naturally I was ecstatic to receive a complimentary tie from Dazi Ties to try out. My sons excitement exceeded my own as he was  able to try a fashionable new tie just in time for an event. Not only was he complimented for his unique style and fashion, the ladies could not keep their eyes off of him.

The Dazi tie is perfect for completing a guy’s outfit .  with choices ranging from  a floral  skinny tie  to variety of other styles to choose from. They also carry bow ties and ties for children. Dazi ties are a bold fashion statement, that is making a significant statement in menswear.


Dazi ties use a great quality/material,& offer so many different patterns, like floral,paisley, stripes, and a small selection of solid colors. . Dazi also has bow ties and clip on ties. the ties are approximately 2.5″ wide at the tip and 58″ in length. Which is very important  for men of all heights. Each tie offers cool options for couples who like to coordinate their attire. A floral tie can be matched with a floral dress or blouse.  I love the fact that the ties are skinny! I think that this is something that every guy needs , in his life. ( A skinny tie)

Dazi ties would make a perfect gift for that special guy in your life. Check them out at http://www.daziusa.com.


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