M.A.M.A. womens Self defense

I heard of the M.A.M.A womes self defense class and thought to myself, this is something that I would like to do. To my surprise I got an invite to come take the class! Um….ok. First meeting Jarrett was a littl confusing, only because she is so nice and all smiles.  Jarrett is a Bad Ass, not only is she a first degree black belt instructor with extraordinary Krav Maga skills. Jarrett offers her self defense training/education programs to benefit the emotional,physical, and personal. A complete package and as for me on my first day of training. I learned a lot of safety techniques. Eye contact,safety verbage, and mama bear safety. (When kids are present). It was a vigourous workout. I learned 2 important things: your verbal commands can be one jell of a adrenalin rush and I jave a cute but deadly stance! We kicked ass that day!  I was only sore,just a little bit. I gotta really start back working out. Im looking forward to this class and if any parent out there is interested. You can go to jarrettandjennie.com for more info

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